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Shenzhen Winfor canbo Technology Co.,ltd,is a professional factory engaged in research and manufacture of auto door control and access&attendance products.We have rich experience in development of automatic door controlling system and product application on the market. “Canbo”(CANBO) series automatic door controlling products are widely used in auto door control system,business/office building access control  and attendance checking systems, bank management system and medical purification control system

With strong applicability,high stability,and exquisite appearance , CANBO products are regularly provided to many large scale automatic door manufactures, engineer contractors and export merchants. Winfor Canbo Company has become a globalized professional manufacturer in this field since our products sold to domestic and oversea markets such as Europe,United States and Asian markets, enjoying good reputation. In the spirit of innovative, pragmatic and high efficient, Winfo Canbo focuses on providing high quality, advanced & pragmatic product to serve worldwide markets,in the fields of automatic door access control,intelligent security guard and medical purification

Winfor Canbo Company own the following advantages : rich technology resources ,a number of core techniques with proprietary intellectual property rights and exchanged Europeanand US cooperation techniques.What is more,we have established a long-term technical and business cooperative relationship with automatic door machine and matching product manufactures and system integrators of Germany,France,Spanish,Japan,Korea and Malaysia etc. Providing all kinds of matching services to many large scale domestic automatic door manufacturers.With the characteristic of advanced technology,excellent quality and exquisite technics, our products have rather high cost performance and strong market competitiveness.Pursuing for practical product applicability is the unremitting striving direction and also the enterprise mission of Winfor’s staff.         

Specific products are as follows:ATM card reader, magnetic card access controller , infrared presence sensor, passive infrared sensor, infrared presence detector, microwave sensor,palm inductive switch, wireless touch switch,auto-door switch for disable,pedal inductive switch,automatic door sensor beam, enhanced type remote controller, pet presence detector,automatic door function extender, five range programmed switch,ID card& password access controller,access controller and attendance integrated controller, fingerprint and attendance access controller,automatic timing switch,bad debt controller,electric mortise lock(anode lock) electric lock cath(cahode lock),magnetic lock, ID(IC) smart card, dedicated power for access control.different kinds of metal accessory lockers and exit switch buttons etc. Automatic access control access series. CANBO product has passed CE certification of European Union with CE certificate issued.

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